Cervical Spinal Tumor

Cervical Spinal Tumor can be categorized into two types. Primary cervical spinal tumor are tumors that grow on the cervical bone itself. The other type is known as a metastatic tumors which is a term use to describe a cancer that spread to other location in the body. The cervical spinal is the most common location for a cancer to spread to. Early development of this tumor normally consists of symptom such as a minor neck pain. Later the pain become obvious and pain on the should, arm or leg as well when the cancer spread beyond the bones or spine that involves the cord and nerves root. This will cause even walking normally a problem to the patients.

Treatments here

Treatments for cervical spine tumor depends on certain criteria such as,

  • patients age and medical history
  • grade and stage of the tumor
  • seriousness of the patients symptoms
  • severity of neurologic compression and bony destruction

Malignant spinal tumor usually are treated surgically. However some benign tumors maybe be given medicine treatment if the pain is minimal and no evidence of spinal instability or neurologic compression.


Acupuncture and Herbal treatment

Acupuncture and Herbal treatment

Many people these days look for non chemical medicine such as acupuncture and herbal treatment. Due to the herbs are from plants, this treatment is very natural. The development of traditional Chinese medicine has a long history since ancient China and there were records tumors being dissolve using this treatments.

One of the best place for such treatment are in KL Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment centre. The Chinese master is the fourth generation acupuncturist and Chinese physician has 145 years of practice and research inherited in way of medication. He is very good at assessing the patients ‘Qi’ ¬†which is very important in Chinese traditional medicine to identify the treatment the patient should receive. Due to this Chinese master able to mix the best herbs to treat the tumors.

There are many different kind of herbs in the world. Herbs plant grow in every country in the world. Chinese master specialty is that he can mix the herbs accurately for the patients condition. Combination of herbs are required to treat tumor and stand a chance to dissolve it without surgery.


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